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Renewable energy
Endless possibilities
Emerging technology
New future
Energy freedom
Happy customers
Grid independence
Better Tomorrow
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We are pioneers in the world of Solar & Renewable Energy!

At Krypton, we specialize in renewable energy solutions to help homes and businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Our goal at Krypton is to inspire sustainability by leading the transition towards a zero-carbon economy. We are committed to offer solutions to the most alarming challenges facing our planet – global warming, water shortages and energy needs. Our mission is to make a positive impact to our environment through renewable energy solutions. Whether your aim is to reduce energy consumption or adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, we at Krypton leverage cutting-edge technological innovations in LED lighting, Solar PV systems, geo-thermal, wind, heat-pumps and other sustainable energy sources to find a bespoke solution to suit your home or business without burning a hole in your pocket. Join the sustainability revolution and make your home or business Smarter, Greener, Better!

We are lovers of Renewable Energy!

Having been in the renewable energy space for a long long time, we noticed a few pressing matters that were tarnishing the image of what’s supposed to be a very noble industry. Removing millions of carbon emissions each year is no joke and renewable energy innovations have made it possible to not look at the future with a grim face. The matters we noticed were to do with customer service, technical know-how and just poor installation practices. So, at Krypton, we do things slightly differently. We get to know you and provide you with a solution that will work for you (If something does not work for you, we will let you know). Unlike other companies that provide a one-size-fits-all kind of system, we at Krypton design a tailor-made solution based on your bespoke needs and requirements. We have engineers, technicians, and electricians in our team who not only eat-sleep-repeat tech, but also love to speak to people addressing various technical questions. We also have very strict protocols when it comes to installation procedures or practices that give no room for shortcuts. Our team is handpicked, quality driven and customer service focused. You mean a lot to us, and we make sure that switching to renewables is easy, efficient and hassle-free.

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