Book in a site visit date with the energy expert

The objective of the free site assessment is to tailor make a solution based on your bespoke requirements. After you drop your details at the bottom of the page, we will contact you to discover some basic details. Based on the information you provide; we will match you with the right specialist who will visit your time in the allotted time.


Draft your energy savings plan with the energy expert

When the specialist visits you, they will first assess your electricity bills to understand your energy needs. They might also seek a site interval data from the retailer to get a better idea on the patterns and times of electricity usage.

They will then conduct a quick site inspection to check the property’s characteristics and limitations for any energy upgrades that can be planned.

Once, the expert understands yours and your property’s needs, they will provide you with a free energy savings plan that includes planned upgrades (a mix of lighting, heating/cooling, Solar PV and storage), a before & after financial summary and a quote for executing the plan.

The energy expert would consult you on the proposed savings plan, provide recommendations, adjust based on your inputs and troubleshoot any doubts/enquiries you might have. He will also provide you with relevant product brochures, data sheets and end user equipment manuals. Our job is to make sure that your rate of return is maximized.

If you are ready to proceed, the expert will help you organize your finances based on your situation. You might be eligible for rebates, incentives and other finance plans which the expert will guide you through.


Quick, Efficient and Hassle-Free Installation

We will seek the necessary pre-approvals and liaise with you to work out a time for us to come and install the planned upgrades. Our licensed and accredited installers would visit you and carry out the installation in the allotted time. They will also address any technical or maintenance question you might have. To help you monitor and track your savings, we would also help you set up a monitoring app depending on the type of upgrade you are getting.


Reap the rewards of tapping into renewable energy

After the upgrade has been complete, you will be provided with a job hand-off pack that includes your electrical safety/plumbing safety documents, manuals, data sheets and warranty documents. If you are getting Solar, we will help you connect the system to the grid.

Once your energy solution is up and running, you’ll be saving 100’s (if not 1000’s) of dollars on your electricity bills each year. You might also receive a feed-in tariff credit from your electricity retailer based on the upgrade you are getting.

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Curious to know how much you could save with Solar?
Calculate your $$$ savings using this intuitive calculation tool

This calculation tool is to just give you an idea of what your savings could look like. This is not the same as booking in a time with one of our site assessors who will use exact case values and provide you a more accurate representation of the savings.

Note To get a tailor made proposal that reflects an accurate representation of your specific case, please book in a time with one of our site assessors.