Solar Savings Calculator

  • Step 1:
    Energy Usage
  • Step 2:
    Property Details
  • Step 3:
    Rebate Eligibility
  • Step 4:
    Product preference
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How much do you pay for your electricity?

By having a look at your energy bills, we can understand your energy usage and the prices you pay to buy your energy. We will use this data to recommend a suitable system size and calculate your solar savings.

(please upload a copy of your most recent bill)

Do you use electricity mostly in the day?

Yes mostly during day
No mostly at night
Almost the same
If you are unsure or don’t have a bill in hand, just write an approximate value for now. Average Australian household has a power bill between 350 and 450.

Can you tell us more about your roof?

These details help us determine the orientation, angle and placement of the panels to get the most optimum performance output.

Roof direction

Roof pitch

0 – 25deg
26 and above

Number of storeys


Roof type

If you are unsure, leave the details blank for now. Before installation, we will work out the bespoke panel placement using high resolution satellite imaging and/or on-site drone footage.

What is your property ownership?

This will help us match you to the applicable rebates

Every solar PV system gives you federal government incentives in the form of Small technology certificates (STCs). Eligibility is conducted here to match you to other applicable rebates.

Do you have any product preferences?

Knowing this will allow us to provide you with a quote in line with your product preferences.

Panel options
Inverter options
Battery options
We use only CEC Accredited products and will advise you on the usability, warranty and other pros/cons while tailor making your solar PV system proposal

Where can we send your results

Don’t worry we won’t spam you. This data will be used only for sending you your tailor made solar savings document along with a simple quote.

Build Your Very Own Solar Package

Calculate my savings

Curious to know how much you could save with Solar?
Calculate your $$$ savings using this intuitive calculation tool

This calculation tool is to just give you an idea of what your savings could look like. This is not the same as booking in a time with one of our site assessors who will use exact case values and provide you a more accurate representation of the savings.

Note To get a tailor made proposal that reflects an accurate representation of your specific case, please book in a time with one of our site assessors.