“Heat, like gravity, penetrates every substance of the universe, its rays occupy all parts of space” –Ever thought you could trap the heat from the surrounding air to heat water? It’s no longer science fiction. Working on the same principle as a reverse cycle air-conditioner, heat pump water heaters trap the surrounding air and compress it which increases its temperature. This hot air when in contact with water transfers its energy which heats the water up. Just to compare with a standard dual element electric resistance water heater which consumes approximately 7.2 to 8.6 kW, the heat pump waters consume a meager 0.85 kW – close to 10x reduction for electricity needed to heat water. And that means you can save about 70%-80% of your water heating costs. With multiple federal and state government rebates, you might be able to get the heat pump water heater system completely free for Victorian residents or for a nominal mandatory co-payment for New South Wales residents. So what’s holding you back from getting the upgrade??

Build Your Very Own Solar Package
Expedite your process and send us a few pictures of your current water heater system to confirm your eligibility

1) Your current hot water system. Please do take this picture from a couple of metres away so that we can see the area/environment around the tank

2) The serial number and model number of your current hot water system. This should be a label either on the side of the tank, usually in the top half

3) Your meterbox and switch board.